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Hi, welcome to the Fading Space testing family

Dare to find your way out from a space maze in this retro style arcade game! Description: Take a seat of pilot of the spaceship and find a safe way through dangerous outer space. It’s even harder to complete the task with limited resources and time, use them wisely. Features: Light - to navigate in dark space you need a lot of energy, which is also used for every spaceship’s impulse. Think every move thoroughly, otherwise you will be lost in the dark. Time - to complete a level you need to get to the gate before it’s closed. Than faster you do it than more scores you will get. Aesthetics - hand drawn 2D graphics in a retro style game and classic mechanics adapted for mobile phones will bring you back to the golden age of arcade games. Mechanics - 7 different stages with increasing difficulty and unique challenges. Teleportation, aggressive laser guns, hostile space environment and many other difficulties will challenge you on your space journey.

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